josh hinkson - actor



“I currently spend my days engulfed in all aspects of storytelling.  It’s mind blowing how infinite this world can be once you crack it open.  It’s on the good days that I find a bit of truth.  It’s the great days that the truth doesn’t take itself too seriously and I’m able to find those golden moments of levity that make each characters life the enjoyable journey that it is.”


Bradley grew up as a young man on the move.  A young man who was always fascinated with people and what made them tick.  His silent exploration of his surroundings ultimately led to a need to tell stories.  A need to place specific characters into specific situations and see how they would react.


“When I’m not acting, I’m writing.  When I’m not writing, I’m directing.  When I’m not directing… well, I’m most likely sleeping… or acting – it’s the perfect circle of never ending discovery!”


Leo Award Nominee Best Actor, Unexpected Guest, 2012
Leo Award Nominee Best Guest Actor, Arctic Air, 2012
Leo Award Nominee Best Actor, A Weekend To Remember, 2011